LMR Right from day one, NewTelco has been concentrating on simplifying network operations for its customers, continually developing, expanding and improving one of its most highly demanded products – LMR (Local Meetme Room) – to enable carriers to easily interconnect with all platform-based operators. NewTelco’s LMR product is simply a virtual meetme room which has derived its name from the fact that all the carriers are present “locally”, i. within the platform. As an SDH and Ethernet-based multi-service platform, NewTelco’s LMR provides quick, flexible and cost-efficient virtual connections. Once connected, a customer can select any standard breakout to link to a carrier either virtually when both are present on the LMR platform)( or physically (using a breakout port where one of the partners is present on the LMR and the other located within the same colocation facility).

Today, our company offers a broad spectrum of port rates and protocols, ranging from single entry-level E1 to high-performance STM-64 and including 10 Mbit to 10 Gbit high-speed Ethernet. NewTelco’s LMR services are available in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Kiev, London, Stockholm, Tbilisi and Vienna. Other locations available upon reques GMR For Newtelco Customers, “embracing” the world is easy. To connect to all the leading operators all they have to do is to take advantage of our GMR (Global Meetme Room) service – offering carriers the opportunity to interconnect between two or more international NewTelco LMR locations. In addition, GMR facilitates and allows our customers to set up voice circuits, data exchange and IP connections with the carriers of their choice at any other location – without the need for a local presence. NewTelco’s GMR has been built up to include three central LMR locations: Frankfurt, London and Vienna.