NewTelco is a solution-focused company which over the years has developed a cost-efficient product that can be individually tailored to meet complex customer requirements. At the time of founding the company, the NewTelco Team defined its main goal as being the creation of an innovative new product capable of meeting the specific needs of each individual organisation in today’s global telecommunications environment – a product with a broad range of options, from equipment housing to designing attractive rental models and the provision of comprehensive engineering services. NewTelco’s Virtual Point-of-Presence (VPoP) service offers a prompt, professional and low risk opportunity to establish a physical Point of Presence PoP)( at the customer’s choice target location – anywhere in the world. NewTelco has the technical know-how to manage these solutions end-to-end irrespective of the customer’s country of operation – which explains how the name derived: Virtual Point of Presence.

The equipment can either be managed directly by the customer or, if preferred, by NewTelco professionals. As a carrier-neutral solution provider, NewTelco offers its customers a One-Stop-Shop solution. We provide our customers with all the services and products required to run their own PoP. All they need to do is sign one contract – and pay a single monthly service fee. ))