Selecting NewTelco as a competent partner is a wise choice – guaranteeing our customers a fast and reliable connection to the world’s leading carriers, content and internet service providers. Interconnection within a colocation facility allows one company to connect their network to another by running fibre or other media to a central point in the respective facility, known as a “Meetme Room”. As a rule, all physical NewTelco connections run through such a Meetme Room setup. The Meetme Room concept is extremely beneficial to both parties – the customer and the provider.

The main advantage of this concept is facilitated troubleshooting capability – it being considerably easier to identify problems in a cross-connect when managed from a central location. A maze of wiring between different customers is significantly more difficult to monitor and administer in comparison to centralised handling. In addition, we also offer our customers the option of multiplexing connections over just one single line. NewTelco offers cross-connects between different rooms, floors or even separate buildings. Whatever our customers’ requirements – a local cross-connect, a simple last mile solution or advanced site-to-site interconnectivity – NewTelco’s comprehensive Interconnection Services portfolio guarantees a high-performance, customisable solution perfectly aligned to our customers’ needs.