NewTelco offers a comprehensive, 24/7 three-tier Technical Services portfolio guaranteed to slash your maintenance budget whilst providing maximum availability of service: REMOTE HANDS Service without using of tools. Includes: reset of the equipment, activating and deactivating router, server and switches; measurement of an optical signal; working in a rack, where there is an equipment of the customer; verification of the status; shooting and transfer of the photo. 1ST LEVEL – TECHNICAL SUPPORT: ADVICE AND TASKS USING TOOLS BUT NOT MEASURING EQUIPMENT Service, including demand use of tools. Includes: installation and uninstallation of the equipment and hardware components; assistance to the customer, while the engineers’ team of NewTelco is on site.

2ND LEVEL – TECHNICAL SUPPORT: ADVICE AND TASKS USING BOTH TOOLS AND/OR MEASURING EQUIPMENT Service, which includes acting of the system administrator and configuration services. Includes: installation of console connection; providing access to the console; configuration and installation of a tester for the channel and other measuring equipment. 3RD LEVEL – ENGINEERING SERVICES: ADVICE AND TASKS USING BOTH TOOLS AND/OR MEASURING EQUIPMENT AND CONFIGURATION Service, including an equipment configuration according to the provided instruction; providing remote access on the equipment and a channel configuration; restoration of data. From simply flicking a switch to installing and configuring sophisticated hard and software solutions, our team of highly-qualified technicians and engineers is available around the clock to personally take care of customer’s IT and telecommunications infrastructure. NewTelco’s comprehensive range of Technical Services can be individually combined to create a customised service package that perfectly accommodates all our customer’s needs.